Love is in the Air

Cutting and scoring Love and Kisses Cards

The last couple of weeks have been busy at Leadset as we’ve been designing and printing our first range of Valentine’s cards. We’re really pleased with the results, especially because they’ve allowed us to experiment with using letterpress printing in a variety of different ways.

Our “Love and Kisses” card, that you can see being finished off above, uses traditional letterpress techniques. It was set using vintage, wooden display type and has an archetypal letterpress feel to the finished product. The vintage wood type has a beautifully tactile quality that means each card is unique and reflects different aspects of the surface texture of the letters that were used to create it.

Our “Love Bugs” design mixes traditional lead type (Falstaff italic to be precise!) with a specially designed lino cut. It’s printed on a textured white card that gives a lovely effect to the bugs, making them appear almost like patchwork or a vintage textile.

Finally, our “Love Birds” card started life as a digital design that Jo created on his trusty Mac. This was then used to make our own printing plate which we used to print the cards in both red and gold ink. The advantage of this is that plates can be made to your exact wishes with a design that is as flexible as you want.

So there you go…. Just shows how versatile a technique letterpress remains. Especially when you are willing to mix vintage and modern technologies to get the result that perfectly suits each different job that you’re working on.

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Everything is Super

Super(star) Cards on sale at Frog Flowers, Manchester.It’s been a busy couple of weeks here in the studio. We’ve been getting our house in order putting up shelves, fixing cabinets and cleaning lots of type (details on that soon). More significantly though is that we have just released our first batch of greetings cards into the wild!

We are proud to be stocking the exciting new florist Frog that has opened up at 51 Turner Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. There is a variety of cards to suit many occasions with more designs to follow soon.

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Type Set and Ready to Print on the Vandercook

Type set and ready to print

“The early bird catches the worm” set in Colonna with block of a wren – one of my favourites!

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Wizardy “To-Do” Lists

Wizardy "To-Do" Lists

Cute, wizardy “To-Do” Lists to use in the studio. Printed on the most basic of basic white scrap paper in beautiful Falstaff bold italic. We used two lovely, vintage wizard picture blocks as well.

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Arturo the Waterboy

Letterpress poster for Arturo the Waterboy

We created these posters for the Library Theatre Company in Manchester to promote their show “The Magnificent Tale of Emily Law and Arturo the Waterboy.” The story was based in Victorian Manchester so we designed this small poster inspired by the playbills that were typical of the era.

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